We provide all varieties of drainage including clay, concrete and plastic.

We pride ourselves on stocking supplies from a number of manufacturers, and import the majority of our plastics from Germany giving our customers  value for money.

We offer a wide variety of supplies including:

A full range of concrete drainage
  • Gully pots (from 750mm – 1,050mm deep)

  • Inspection chamber sections

  • Cover slabs (round and rectangular

  • Chamber rings from 900mm - 1800mm

Clay drainage
  • Clay pipe (from 100mm - 300mm)

  • Fittings (all sizes from 100mm – 300mm)

  • Inspection chambers

  • Gully pots

  • Stock of bends, junctions, adaptors, channels and saddles

Plastic drainage
  • Adaptors, sockets, bends (15°, 30°, 45° and 90°) single and double

  • Twin wall drainage from 100mm up to 600mm

  • MDPE pipe and fittings: 25, 32, 50, 63mm

  • Land drainage, perforated and soil

Channel drainage
  • Slot drains

  • Sumps, end caps, gratings, universal end caps

  • Brickslots

For more information about our full product range, please get in touch: